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Yoga 4U


Yoga Instructor
Prenatal Yoga
Should I bring a mat?
Props including Blankets, Straps, and Blocks are supplied, but you may want to bring your own mat to ensure cleanliness.  They are available to rent for $1 or to purchase for $26 and up.  The mats available at Yoga 4U are slightly sticky which is desirable so they you don't slip in the poses.  Locally sold mats are not sticky.  Please don't rush out to buy a yoga kit before you come the products are not usually the best. 
What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing: sweat pants, workout clothes (no belts, buckles or zippers).  Slick pants can prevent being able to hold some poses, a little spandex is good. You may want to wear a sweatshirt or hoddie (during cold weather) at the start of class during the warm up.
Do I wear shoes?
Yoga is done with barefeet to help strengthen your feet and to create a solid foundation for the body. 
Can I eat before class?
You should not eat for at least an hour and a half before class, or eat very lightly.  Your bladder should be empty.  If you feel you must eat something, yogurt or something liquid, easier to disgest is a good idea or a quick protein boost like some almonds or healthy trail mix.

How do I begin as a new student to yoga?
Let me know you are a new student to yoga and I will guide you through the class and suggest modifiction for you if you need them.  It does take awhile to get aquainted with the poses, so instructions are repeated often.  Be patient with yourself. 
When should I arrive?
Please try to arrive a little early to arrange your mat and get your props.  If you are late please come in as quitely as possible.  The warm up is a getting centered time and should be done without distractions. 
What if I am not limber?
Again, we are all different, but yoga is for EVERYONE! Everyone needs to stretch and you start where you are.  Gradually, you may get more limber, but daily you will feel better and remain healthier over your life time. 
What if I can't do the pose?
No problem, in yoga the practice is yours!  Our bodies are all different and you need to respect your body where is at and not compare yourself to others in the class or the teacher.  Yoga is about what feels good for you.  Yoga is not about showing off in pretzel poses.
How often should I practice yoga?
The more the better!  I would advice coming twice a week, especially in the beginning.  The goal in yoga is to view the teacher as someone not just to lead the class, but as a teacher to learn from in order to develop a home practice.  Yoga is a journey, a path to a healthier body and life.  The learning goes on and on.  Eventually some of the principles learned in class enter into your personal life to bring self control, abundance, and happiness.
Is yoga a religion?
No, yoga is open to all religious backgrounds.  It may lead you personally to a more spiritual level within your own beliefs.  Yoga was developed around 5,000 years ago in India so there are some Hindu influences and legends interwoven, but the Hindu religion does not claim yoga as its own, nor does any other religion.